I was wondering if on click of a certain slice of one of the charts, I can make an ajax call depending on the value of that slice?. This is the area in which Highcharts is clearly better. If you click on any of the bigger sections of the pie, you will see an alert with the 'x' point. Look forward for my customizations for column chart. Tout fonctionne sur JSFiddle mais lorsque j'implémente tout cela sur ma page html plus rien ne s'affiche (à part ma select liste en html). After click on specific part of chart,I want to open another graph from backend(C#. It has the biggest list of supported chart types on the available Angular chart components. Additionally, event. Navigate the structure by clicking plus and minus. The problem is that in order to launch a dialog page in jQM, we need to have a button somewhere in the page to start from. Fires when the series is clicked. We have already seen the configuration used to draw a chart in Highcharts Configuration Syntax chapter. My question is, is there a way to remove the entire slice (google and all it's children) from the chart at once? The issue is that in order to get the functionality / layout on the chart that I need, this pie chart is actually built out of two series. okay, problem was related to declaring the chart-type as a boxplot. Qlik Events Qlik Events. Following is an example of a basic scatter chart. Instead of paging the rest of the legend items, I want to show them in a second column, side by side with the first column. Here is simple example how you can do it:. in native highcharts it's done like this (as can be seen in the fiddle): chart: { type: 'boxplot' }, However, when using angularjs highcharts-ng module, we need to use the following code: options: { chart: {type: 'boxplot'} }, That's. It should be configured as follows:. Set chart title in click event Description. Example